Preventative Measures We Should Have In Place That Would Have Helped With COVID-19

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COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) is a global pandemic that is posing more cases exponentially. It has shut down many businesses (hopefully only temporarily) and has displaced millions of workers here in America.
In my opinion, there are a few steps that should have been implemented that could have helped detect and slow COVID-19. These things could also help American families not go bankrupt due to COVID-19.

1. Improved Medicare for All – IM4A would allow ALL Americans to be able to get tested and treated without the fear of life crippling debt. IM4A would have allowed us to get a handle on COVID-19 and could have prevented us from being where we are currently, exponential growth of COVID-19 (doubling every 4 days now).

2. Universal Basic Income – UBI would help ALL Americans weather the storm of being laid off (possibly indefinitely). This would help make sure American families do not lose their homes, will be able to continue to put food on their tables and keep up with utilities.

3. National Paid sick leave – National Paid sick leave follows a lot of the same benefits as UBI. It helps ALL Americans sustain extended unemployment due to illness, allowing making sure American families do not lose their homes, will be able to continue to put food on their tables and keep up with utilities.

4. Fund Meals on Wheels and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – MoW and SNAP are programs that help keep food on the table for our elderly and our children. This will free up money so that families with children or elderly people can better keep up with their mortgage / rent payments and utilities.

5. Invest more in government funded pharmaceutical research and development and force pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices instead of gouging people in need of medication. R&D is the reason a lot of pharmaceutical companies give for the excessive drug prices.

These are just a few ideas that would help the American people immensely if we had them implemented today. We should learn from what we are experiencing today with COVID-19 and implement these suggestions as soon as humanly possible so that when, not if, this or something like it happens again, we are much better prepared to weather the storm.

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