Apology, Smology – We Must Unify Now Revisited


Back in December 2016, I wrote an article titled “Apology, Smology – We Must Unify Now” that discussed how the Democratic Party needs to come together to fight the upcoming disasters that Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans were bound to force upon us.

Since the writing of that article, we have united on some key issues; The Women’s March, The March for Science, and multiple other protests and rallies. However, since Hillary Clinton emerged from the woods and “joined the resistance”, the division has widened again.

Here is the thing, THE 2016 ELECTION IS OVER!!!! The Bernie Sanderes / Hillary Clinton infighting is doing nothing more than splitting the Democratic Party and making it more difficult for us to fight the Trump / Republican agenda. Yesterday Republicans in the House passed a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, and replace it with something that will likely kill 43,000 people per year due to lack of insurance, being under insured or pre-existing conditions. With any luck at all, this bill will not make it past the Senate.

We have had a number of horrible pieces of legislature pass on the state level here in Iowa; voter suppression, destruction of collective bargaining rights, etc. We need to be united in order to fight back against these horrible pieces of legislature. As long as there is still infighting between the Sanders and Clinton factions, we are not united and will face a tough uphill battle when it comes to fighting back.

In addition to fighting back against what is happening now, we need to look forward to the 2018 and 2020 elections. It is highly unlikely that Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will run again in 2020, so the infighting between the two factions is completely irrelevant and needs to stop. This infighting is a large part of what put us in the situation we are in now; a self-absorbed, misogynistic man-child president and Republican controlled House and Senate on both the national and state levels.

We, as a party, need to grow up and put the past behind us so we can move forward. I have said it many times and I am sure I will say it many times more, the “old guard” (mainly Clinton supporters) have the experience and knowledge while the new guard (mainly Sanders supporters) have fresh, new ideas on how to move forward. We need to unite the old guard and the new guard to build a juggernaut of a Democratic Party so we can fight back the horrible atrocities that Republicans are trying to force upon us.

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