We Should NOT Write Off Rural Congressional Districts


It was reported yesterday by the Gazette, third-term New York Democrat, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, has been doing an independent post-mortum of the House Democrats’ crushing loss in the 2016 elections.

The night before a 90-minute presentation he made yesterday afternoon, Representative Maloney said, “We can win where we used to struggle, and we’re struggling a bit where we used to win.” What Representative Maloney is alluding to is there are congressional districts that Democrats used to do very well, mainly rural areas, that have moved away from Democrats and that we need reassess if we should even campaign there anymore.

In my views, it isn’t that these rural congressional districts have left the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party has left them. At least in this cycle, here in Iowa, I have heard a lot of rural Democrats tell me that they can see why we lost the rural congressional districts because Democratic candidates almost never go there. From what I saw this cycle, Democratic candidates, for the most part, visited the bigger cities on the I-80 corridor; Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Davenport.

I believe writing off rural congressional districts will be extremely detrimental for the Democratic Party. Rather than write them off, I believe we need to reach out to the Independents and left leaning Republicans, as well as, Democrats in the rural areas. Host town halls and rallies in rural area and show the backbone of American, family farmers, that you don’t just represent the urban areas. After all, when we win elections, we aren’t sent to only represent urban American, we are sent to represent ALL American’s.

Representative Maloney, rather than complaining about losing the rural vote and suggesting Democrats writing them off, you should be suggesting that Democrats break from the norm of campaigning in mainly urban areas and actually fight to win back rural Americans by showing up and showing them that Democrats truly  care about, not only their vote, but their lives as well.

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