IDP Progressive Caucus Statement of Core Principles


Members of the Iowa Democratic Progressive Caucus Platform Committee met in Ankeny on Saturday, September 10 to hammer out and adopt the Progressive Caucus Core Principles. The majority of the Progressive Caucus Platform work still needs to be worked on, but the Progressive Caucus leadership felt that it was important to adopt their Core Principles as soon as possible.

After the general election is over, the Progressive Caucus Platform Subcommittees will begin working hard to hammer out their pieces of the Progressive Caucus Platform. These subcommittees are Veteran Affairs Subcommittee, International Affairs Subcommittee, Agriculture, Energy and Environment Subcommittee, and Education Subcommittee. The Progressive Caucus intends to have all of the subcommittees reconvene sometime in February to review each subcommittee’s platform pieces and adopt a comprehensive and concise Progressive Caucus Platform.

Voting members of the Progressive Caucus Platform Committee that were in attendance were:

  • Jason Frerichs, IDP State Central Committee Member, IDP Progressive Caucus Chair, International Affairs Platform Chair
  • Dylan P. Funk, IDP State Central Committee Member, IDP Progressive Caucus Vice Chair, Agriculture, Energy, and the Environment Platform Vice Chair, Education Platform Vice Chair, IDP District 3 Central Committee Member, Polk County Central Committee Member
  • Crystal Defatte, IDP Progressive Caucus Platform Committee Vice Chair
  • Brian MacLaine, IDP Progressive Caucus Platform Committee Economy, Commerce and Labor Chair,
  • Holly Herbert, IDP State Central Committee Member, IDP Progressive Caucus Platform Committee Government and Law Chair, IDP Progressive Caucus Platform Committee Economy, Commerce and Labor Vice Chair
  • Michael McKinley, IDP Progressive Caucus Platform Committee Statement of Core Principles Chair
  • Sandy Dockendorff, IDP State Rules Co-Chair
  • Madalyn Anderson, Story County Central Committee Member
  • Alex Anderson, IDP State Affirmative Action Chair

Distinguished guests were:

  • Devin Bond from the Jim Mowrer Campaign
  • Emily Schott from Citizens for Community Improvement

The meeting was called to order at approximately 5:00 PM.  Each Core Principle was deliberated over and individually approved by the voting members. The official meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM. The following is the released final draft of the Progressive Caucus Core Principles:

Statement of Core Principles and Priority Issues

  1. We support the immediate implementation of multilayered national, state, and local plans to effect zero carbon emissions by 2030 in order to stop climate change,
  2. We support high quality tuition free public/state schools available to all Iowa residents, from prekindergarten through 12th grade. We also support high-quality, tuition-free public/state college or university education that is available to all qualified Iowa residents, up to a four-year, post secondary degree.
  3. We support reforming national tax laws in order to close tax loopholes, implement higher tax brackets on top earners, increase the inheritance tax on inheritances above $5 million, eliminate tax shelters, tax capital gains as regular income, apply a sales tax to speculative high-speed financial transactions, and end corporate welfare.
  4. We support comprehensive financial services reform, including instituting a modern day Glass-Steagall act, and breaking up the big banks.
  5. We support stronger laws to end police brutality, eliminate institutional racism within the criminal justice system, eliminate the privatization of prisons, and hold law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges legally responsible for their actions.
  6. We support an easily accessible and affordable Medicare-for-all health insurance program for all people living within our borders.
  7. We support protecting and expanding Social Security with revenue from removing caps on taxable income for FICA tax purposes.
  8. We support protecting workers by making FMLA benefits available to all working within our borders, guaranteeing job security for those utilizing FMLA, guaranteeing 180 days  of paid family leave, and implementing programs to provide free childcare for all employed people.
  9. We further support protecting workers, by mandating equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, implementing a $15 minimum wage (indexed to inflation), and legislating against punishments for trying to organize a union.
  10. We oppose any trade agreement that compromises national sovereignty or public good for private profit, and/or encourages U.S. corporations to relocate jobs out of the U.S., including, but not limited to, the TPP and TTIP.
  11. We support public funding as the sole source for all federal campaigns.
  12. We support closing the revolving door between public office and private interests, including the payment of speaking or consultation fees to ex-public servants. We support legislation that would prohibit securing gain and privilege through gifts, campaign contributions, and contributions to the “foundations” of ex-public servants.
  13. We support a foreign policy based on diplomacy that utilizes military intervention as a last resort.  
  14. We support the reaffirmation of the Geneva Accords, and our national commitment to prosecution of their violation, including but not limited to the prohibition of such war crimes as torture; assassination; avoidable civilian deaths and other state-sponsored terror; and aggressive wars of conquest, occupation, resource acquisition, and regime change.
  15. We support a guaranteed basic living income that will end poverty and reinvigorate the middle class.
  16. We support creating and funding a veteran reengagement program to identify veterans who are homeless, unemployed, or previously turned away by the VA and re-incorporate them into a supportive system. (Proposed Amendment: We support creating and funding a veteran reengagement program to identify veterans who are homeless, unemployed, or previously turned away by the VA and re-engage them in society.)
  17. We support fully funding programs designed to assist past, present, and future armed service members in their transition into civilian life by assisting in school enrollment and job training, acquiring employment and housing, and securing affordable long term physical and mental health care.
  18. We support the belief that clean water is a human right and that all efforts should be made to monitor and improve water quality and to address sources of pollution, both rural and urban.
  19. We support a national program to rebuild our infrastructure and create good-paying jobs.

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