When Did Cheating Become Acceptable?

The Evolution of Voter Suppression

I remember a time when cheaters were disqualified.  When did that change?  With all the allegations of voter suppression and election fraud that has occurred this election cycle, there are some basic questions that we should be asking:

  • Why haven’t there been extensive and conclusive investigations into the myriad allegations of voter suppression and election fraud?
  • Why is it that all of the allegations of voter suppression and election fraud seem to be in states that Hillary Clinton won, most of which were expected to go to Bernie Sanders?
  • Why did the establishment stop using exit polls when they were showing discrepancies of 14%+ when Indications of voter fraud is only 4%?

All of these questions need to be answered.  I postulate that if these questions were actually answered truthfully, the answers would certainly point to Hillary Clinton, directly or indirectly, cheating the system to get “her turn” at being President of the United States.

Tipping the Scales

There are plenty of cell phone video evidence and voter testimony of voter suppression and election fraud.  It is time to take a look into these allegations of voter suppression and election fraud.  If these allegations of voter suppression and election fraud are confirmed, the cheating party should be disqualified from the race.  This could be seen as too harsh a punishment, especially if the allegation of voter suppression and election fraud came from a supporter of the candidate and no evidence of collusion can be found.  In this event, perhaps the caucus / primary should be thrown out.  As for the delegates for these caucuses / primaries, that is a tough issue.  Throwing them out completely would make it nearly impossible to get to the 2,383 delegates needed at the National Convention to win the nomination.  Evenly distributing the delegates seems unfair to the candidate that wasn’t involved in the voter suppression and election fraud.  Perhaps some hybrid solution would work.

I will leave you with this final sentiment:  Win or lose, Bernie Sanders has changed the political discourse of the Democratic Party.  Whether you are a Bernie or Bust person, a Blue No Matter Who person or somewhere in between, the important part that we need to keep in mind is, Congress NEEDS an overhaul.  I implore you to, at the very minimum, vote for the Congressional seats that are up this election cycle.  Vote for whom ever you feel you need to for President of the United States of America, even if you feel like Trump is the answer (even though I am not sure how anyone can believe that), but if we truly want to keep Bernie’s Political Revolution going, we MUST get rid of the do nothing congress that we currently have by voting in all the Progressive Congressional Candidates that we possibly can.

Stop Voter Suppression

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