Iowa State Convention Recap


It has been over a week now and I have finally had the time to rest and recuperate from a long and exhausting weekend. Here are a few of the platform planks that my fellow Berners were able to accomplish at the Iowa State Democratic Convention:

We support:
– Legalization of all drugs (don’t freak. This had a lot to do with starting from scratch from the disastrous War on Drugs with a focus on treating addiction like a mental health issue. No you’re 5th grader won’t be able to swipe a box of blow from the local grocery store)

– We easily passed the support for the legalization and regulation of cannabis

– A living wage of at least $15 per hour tied to CPI

The Nordic Model

We oppose:
– Super delegates (There were three attempts to kill this opposition plank)

Five new caucuses were also added to the State Central Committee. Those caucuses are Women, Senior/Retirees, Labor, Rural, and Progressive.  I was elected the Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus and I am looking forward to serving my constituency over the next 2 years.

Another resolution that was passed, overwhelmingly, states that all Iowa national delegates be pledged delegates. This resolution will have little influence over the DNC and the super delegate system, but it adds to an ever increasing number of states passing similar resolutions.

All in all, the Iowa State Democratic Convention was a good time with little to know altercation between the two preference groups.  We accomplished a lot of things and have a great group of delegates, on both sides, that we are sending to Philadelphia in July.

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