Final Update on the Oregon Results



This article was initially written by John Laurits on his blog.  I wanted to share it here because not all of my followers here are my followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Greetings, my sisters, brothers, & others — I finally had a little bit of time to write the final update for my ongoing coverage of the Oregon primary. I offer my apologies that this update didn’t arrive faster — but, after the events of June 7th, my priorities had to be re-arranged to combat the corporate-media’s despicable lies and my work on the true Oregon results was one of the things that fell through the cracks.

(for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about: since May 18th, I’ve been digging up un-reported votes on county websites & reporting them here. Here’s a link to the first article & here’s a link to the last update)

The Final Results

Anyway, the Board of Elections recently certified it’s Oregon results and I’m happy to see that their totals agree with my totals from the county-level data. The final tally rests at:

Bernie Sanders | 57.2% ←correct
360,829 votes ←good number
Hillary Clinton | 42.8% ←correct
269,846 votes ←also correct

Total Democratic Ballots Cast: 641,595 ←good
Votes for Sanders & Clinton: 630,675 ←good

Meanwhile, the Associated Press can’t be bothered to update their total and they’re still broadcasting the same thing that they were broadcasting on May 18th:

Bernie Sanders | 56% ←wrong
320,746 votes ←stupid & wrong
Hillary Clinton | 44% ←no, bad
251,739 votes ←still bad

Total Democratic Ballots Cast: 572,485 ←silly number

Now, I’d like to quickly shine a spotlight on how terrible the AP is at reporting things…

Proof That the Associated Press
Just Reports Whatever They Want To

“News” websites across the internet have been broadcasting the AP’s incorrect numbers for Oregon since May 18th (despite the fact that all of them could’ve gotten the right numbers from an obscure Oregonian poet who found them & posted them for free).  But it wasn’t just the AP’s totals that were incorrect — their “projected” (made-up) percent-reporting was way off, too!

They said that Oregon was “96% reporting.” Well, their total of572,485 votes ended up being a mere 89.2% of the actual total. And Oregon isn’t the only state — the AP is still ignoring about a half-of-a-millionvotes in New York, Maryland, Ohio, Arizona, & Illinois, alone! If you addCalifornia to that list, the AP’s ignoring well over a million votes — and that’s not even the end! *see note

My question is this, my friends — what exactly is the AP being paid for, again? They don’t seem to have time to report our elections results — not when they’re so busy reporting on the amazing story of a few New Jersey restaurant-workers who saw some ducklings:

Seriously, this is what I found, when I looked at what they were up to on Twitter.
Seriously, this is what I found, when I looked at what they were up to on Twitter.

Alright, I have an idea — how about we assign the AP to all of the sports & duckling-related news and find someone else who has the time (& competence) to report our elections-results? Just a thought.

To Sum It All Up

That’s all I’ve got for you, today! Before I go, I’d like to thank those of you who contributed to or shared the People’s Math Front’s “go-fund-me” page — a lot of my work over the last month would not have been possible without your generosity and I hope that you feel (at least partially) repaid by the articles that I’ve written (and, god-willing, that I will continue to write into the future!).

Now, I must away to work on the next one! In the meantime, remember to keep up the pro-Sanders social-media presence — the corporate-news networks are still trying to black us out & so, as I’ve said before, we must be the media, now.

Please turn off your TV’s, disregard the vipers of the lame-stream media, & spread knowledge by sharing, re-tweeting, & re-blogging good articles by real journalists!

In solidarity,
John Laurits #SeeYouInPhilly

P.S. If you’re still in a “reading-mood,” I’m going to shamelessly plug two of my recent articles, “What is Democracy?” and “Why I Am #BernieOrBust (& why you should be, too)” — I particularly enjoyed writing those two & I hope that some of you will enjoy reading them.

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