How We #BernTheConvention (w/ Math)


This article was initially written by John Laurits on his blog.  I wanted to share it here because not all of my followers here are my followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


How We#BernTheConvention

(w/ Math)

Hastily typed on June 22nd

Greetings, my sisters, my brothers, & my others — enough has changed since the last time I wrote to you about the delegate math and I feel the time has come to write another update. Today, I’d like to dig into the numbers that we could be dealing with at the national convention — but, first, let’s take a quick look at something that a lot of you have been asking me about — California.

What’s Happening in the Golden State?

Alright, as I’m sure many of you have gathered, the corporate-media has revealed itself to be a willfully deceptive brood of vipers and, of course, their numbers can’t be trusted. Their cowardly leader, the Associated Press, is still displaying this nonsense on news-websites across the internet:

Clinton   | 55.8% ←wrong number
(1,940,580 votes / 269 delegates) ←nope
Sanders  | 43.2% ←also wrong
(1,502,043 votes / 206 delegates) ←no

Do not believe these charlatans. With probably 2 million ballots left to count, the situation is continually changing — but here are some more accurate numbers, retrieved from this more-accurate source:

Clinton   | 54.2% ←better number
(2,569,990 votes / 261 delegates) ←good
Sanders  | 44.9% ←also good
(2,125,108 votes / 214 delegates) ←yes

As you can see, we’ve gained another 623,065 votes & closed the gap byanother 3.3% since the treacherous AP last updated their numbers. No big deal — I mean, it’s just over half-a-million more votes for Sanders & counting, right? Oh yeah — and we closed the delegate gap by another 16, too. Wait, why isn’t this on the news,jedi battleagain?

Oh yeah, I forgot — it’s because the AP is a corrupt organization whose job is to manufacture the public’s consent to our rulers’ unilateral actions.

Anyway — expect to see quite a few more big shifts in both the votes & the delegate-counts in California. They’ve just finished counting the vote-by-mail ballots & they’re beginning to count the provisional ballots, which will break heavily for Bernie because provisionals were mainly given to independent “no-party-preference” voters. To learn more about that, I suggest watching this 40-minute video, “Uncounted.”

Alright, let’s move on to how things look for the national convention…

How We Will

The numbers have changed a bit (in the right direction, too) since the last time I wrote to you. According to the Green Papers, this is where we stand… (6/22)

Bernie Sanders | 1,841  (45.4%)
Hillary Clinton | 2,210   (54.6%)

Now, there are 369 delegates between Sanders & Clinton…

2,210 – 1,841 = 369

But this is what is called a “zero-sum game.” Each delegate we gain will also subtract a delegate from Clinton’s total — so we would only need to grab…

369 ÷ 2 = 184.5

We would only need 185 delegates to close the gap. Now, since June 7th, we’ve already grabbed 8 more delegates, there — remember, that means we gained by 16 delegates — and we’ll only be gaining more ground over the coming weeks. Then, there’s state-conventions. Though the establishment has blocked our efforts in some cases (like in Nevada), we’ve succeeded at gaining delegates in others (like CO, OH, MS, & MD) and it’s still possible to gain ground at the remaining conventions.

[NOTE: I addressed the subject of state conventions in the article “This Is Where We Stand,” so take a look there, if you’re not sure what I’m talking about]

An Important Notice About Our Delegates

While we’re on the subject — it’s come to my attention that way too many of our delegates are having money-trouble getting to the national convention. This is not their fault — the secret service is very picky & the DNC gets to decide a lot of the details about the convention, including where the delegates are required to sleep & eat. Philly is not known for being a cheap place and (naturally) the fat-cats at the DNC have chosen some rather expensive hotels.

Anyway, the bottom line is this — if we don’t get our delegates to Philly, we won’t stand a chance at the convention. There are a lot of “go fund me’s” out there & a handful of websites that have been set up to help get our delegates to Philly. Beware of scammers! Make sure that the person you’re donating to is actually a Sanders-Delegate — but, with that being said, for g*d’s sake, fund our delegates! Click here for an excellent website that has verified all of their delegates.

Marching Forward

Now —  once California is done counting & the state-conventions are over, we should be nearly tied in pledged delegates. Remember: it’s a zero-sum game.

I’ve written recently that there is a media-war going on — a battle of information. Legal teams are suing state-governments & media corporations to gain access to raw exit-poll data & info on the shady voting-machines — then, there’s the ongoing investigation of Clinton’s criminal activities as Secretary of State, Guccifer 2.0 & various hackers leaking emails & documents from the DNC’s or HRC’s servers, etc.

Now, imagine: Clinton is covered, head-to-toe, with news about shady-emails, lying, financial shenanigans, & generally-unsportsmanlike behavior— meanwhile, the DNC is fracturing & riddled with allegations of incompetent and/or dishonest leadership and, quite possibly, straight-up election-fraud.

In the middle of all that, Bernie Sanders enters the Democratic National Convention with a near-tie in pledged delegates, clear-eyed, honest-as-ever, & scandal-free — oh, & did I mention that there’s a million people surrounding the convention, demanding Bernie Sanders as our candidate?

We can make that happen — it’s time to start organizing! I’ll be dropping an article soon that will detail everything you could possibly need to knowbut, for now, please visit these websites —

If you think you can make it to Philly, go to:

If you know that you can’t make it to Philly, learn about the solidarity marches in your area: 

I know the activists that created these websites & they’ve done a lot of fantastic work! Please, I implore you — visit them

To Sum It All Up

I know this was a longer article — so, I’ll summarize what we went over:

  1. There are millions of votes still being counted in California — most of them are provisional & likely to break heavily for Sanders. Since June 7th, we’ve already closed the gap to a mere 9.3%.
  2. It’s a zero-sum game & Sanders needs 185 delegates to overtake Clinton — at the very least, the gap will be much smaller at the convention.
  3. We absolutely must fund our delegates, so that they can get to Philadelphia! Yes, we — and that means you!
  4. Marches & demonstrations could play a crucial role in July — it’s time to start organizing the marches. Now is the time to make your travel plans or, if you can’t make it, to find out which solidarity march is nearest to you!

Alright, that’s all I have for you, today, and I must be going, now — there’s math to do & articles to write! In the meantime, please help us win the media-war by sharing this article & other pro-Sanders’ mediahere’s a good index, with lots of share-ables.

I’ll write again, soon.

In solidarity,
John Laurits #SeeYouInPhilly

P.S. If  you’re interested in real journalism (it’s true, the Lame-Stream Media has really gotten that bad), here are some of my most recent articles:
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