Sanderistas, Unite! The Truth Is Coming (Part II)


This article was initially written by John Laurits on his blog.  I wanted to share it here because not all of my followers here are my followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Sanderistas, Unite! 
The Truth Is Coming:
Part II

Greetings, my sisters, brothers, & others — today, I’m writing to you all, as I promised you in the last article, to elaborate on what is happening, what we must do, & our way forward.

But first — Thanks to all of you who have been writing to me (and there have been so many of you, since just last night!) — you have put my heart at ease and re-affirmed my belief that there are so many of you who are still fighting for our political revolution! And that is a very important thing, not only for me to remember, but for all of you to remember — we are many! The #LameStreamMedia  wants you to believe that you are isolated, that you are alone, that there is nothing left to fight for — do not believe a word of it!

You are not alone,  you are not isolated,
& there is everything left to fight for! 

Now, let’s get into some numbers!

We Must Transform Our Strategy

When I first wrote to you all, it was about the delegate math and how it showed that we would be heading into a contested convention — I wrote it because no one else was writing it & because . Despite the tricks, the media’s manipulation, & everything that they could throw at us, that is still true — but barely! I was worried for a moment but, just as I said in that first article, Hillary Clinton does not have the 2,383 delegates needed to clinch the nomination & we are going to Philadelphia on July 25th.

But things are going to be very different than we first thought — in the beginning, I had envisioned us fighting our way to 2,026 delegates (the majority) and going into July, that way. We would have made the argument to the super-delegates that they must respect the majority’s will and, by drawing publicity to our cause, we would have publicly pressured them into joining our revolution — we would have gone on to the general election and defeated Trump easily to uproarious applause –!

We would have — but that has all changed.

My delegate math worked so long as the race was fair — and, by “fair,” I mean “less rigged than it obviously is.” But the DNC, the corporate-media, & the Clinton-Machine have been far more cunning & dishonest (& probably far more criminal) than I had anticipated — there is still a way through but first we must…


I’ve noticed far too much fighting & bickering among the Berners, in the last few days — I know that emotions are running high and the media has thrown a cloud of confusion around us but we must not allow ourselves to be divided.

#BernieOrBust people, “hold-my-nose-and-vote-for-her” people, people who want to form a Green Party alliance — it doesn’t matter! We are all Berners#WeAreBernie, #NotMeUs! We must not allow our differences to divide us — that, my friends, is exactly what the establishment wants and, if they get it, well — then, it will be over. I promise you that. 

I beg you — be kind to other Bernie-Supporters, regardless of differences. And, for that matter, be kind to Hillary-Supporters, too! We want them to be on our side — the more angry we seem, the more insults we throw, the more the media will use it against us.

I’m angry, toobut we have to use that anger in the right ways.

Now, about that way forward…

The Way Forward

Again, because super-delegates do not vote until the conventionhere is the real delegate count that we’re working with, which actually isn’t terrible

Clinton:  2,202  | 54.6%
Sanders: 1,829  | 45.4%

Total Pledged Delegates Won: 4,031

Not terrible — but it will be exceedingly hard to attain the majority of pledged delegates, at this point — not impossible, perhaps, but much, much harder.California is not anywhere near done counting & I am working on getting information about the true count in Puerto Rico, which I am told may be much higher & is much more complicated than it appears to be… *(please see note at the bottom of the page for more on this.)

We must try — but we must not rely on this happening. We still have a lot of delegates — but we’re going to need more bargaining power than that. I believe that we will be able to secure more delegates than we seem to have now but — because of the DNC & the corporate-media’s treachery — we must change our over-all attack plan.

It is possible that (in an ironic twist of fate) a very powerful weapon may have been handed to us by the enemy that wanted to destroy us — that weapon is the sheer, appalling unfairness with which Bernie Sanders’ movement has been treated andthe probably-illegal maneuvers that they’ve used to cripple us. The fact that we’ve come so far, even in spite of all that, is really amazing, actually.

The Despicable Behavior of the DNC

Thus far, Bernie Sanders has run the cleanest campaign that I have ever seen — he has refused to attack Clinton about Email-Gate & he has kept almost surprisingly quiet about the intentional unfairness of the so-called “democratic” primaries. And his nobility of spirit, his kindness, & his peaceful inclinations are some of the many reasons that we all love him. We — however — must now go on the attack!

And yet — we must attack fairly, kindly, with class, & almost startlingly cat-like grace. We can’t allow the media to shut us out & lead the rest of the country to believe the lie that $hilary C/inton is the presumed democratic nominee. We must cast every doubt that we can on the media’s claim. To get this going, I strongly suggest that we draw as much attention as possible to these two things, in particular:

  1. There are several big lawsuits that are, at this very moment, suing various state & party entities over what seems to be election fraud. One of the big ones is’s lawsuit — they are trying to force them to release the raw exit-poll data (which, for some reason, they won’t give us), which can be used as evidence of fraud. This is #ExitPollGate and I want everyone on the internet to know about it  — by tomorrow!
  2. We must emphasize that the “democratic” party has largely excluded the democracy by alienating & suppressing the independent vote (at least 42%of US voters!) — not only through systemic issues (like closed primaries & ridiculous registration deadlines) but through the all-too-familiar “mysterious” voter-roll purges & ridiculous poll-station closures. We must let our leaders, the media, & the world know that we are totally not cool with that. I’ll provide a list of good articles on these serious election-issues at the end of the article for sharing!

My friends, we’re going to have to make a lot of noise in these next few weeks — we must bern through the media-blackout! A good way to do that would be to literally break the internet with a hurricane of Sanders-Support & informative articles $hill’s sneaky tricks! We have to let both the media & the public know that we & this movement are not going away

We’re have to be relentless — but we must not be mean!

We will expose their unethical behavior and we will do so without mercy. If we can bring enough attention to the injustices of the primaries — and sustain that attention — it will eventually become too much & the media will be forced to report it. It worked for Gandhi & it worked for King. It will take time but…

The Truth Is Coming

We have played their game, we knew it was unfair, and we played to win. I, myself, was naive enough to believe that, although it was severely rigged against us, we might still win if we just played really, really, really well. 

Well — we did play really, really well — but I can see now that they never really had any intention of allowing our revolution to succeed. And now they’re trying to convince everyone that we’ve lost — and the numbers seem to agree with them, at the moment. But there’s a little flaw in their plan…

They aren’t the real numbers.

As I’ve already shown, they weren’t the real numbers in Oregon & they weren’t the real numbers in Arizona. Well, now I’m telling that these aren’t the real numbers in California. I’ve already dug up over a half-million votes that haven’t been reported in other states, too.

And I’m not the only one — in fact, a lot of people (& quite a few lawyers) are starting to suspect that there are a lot more fake numbers around here than they first thought. I will say more, soon — I’ve nearly completed a few new articles on the situation in California & the extent of the media’s misinformation about the rest of the primaries. Don’t worry —

We will find the real numbers
& all will be revealed, soon.
They can deny it, they can try to hide it, they can try to ignore it —

But the truth is coming & there’s nothing they can do about it.

I’ll publish a few more articles tonight or possibly tomorrow, depending on how stable the numbers become — I don’t want to send you all a bunch of numbers that are just going to shift again, tomorrow.

Be patient, Berners — re-group, spread the good word, & keep tending those flames in your chests…

In solidarity,
John Laurits 

P.S. If you got some time to do some reading, educate yourself about what’s happening & educate others — here’s a few links on election-shenanigans:

Election Fraud 2016 Blog
Election Justice USA

These have lots of good information on what’s happening. I’ll be writing a lot about this stuff, soon…

*NOTE: If you are fluent in Spanish & wish to help the People’s Math Front in their research, please contact peoplesmathfront @ g mail [dot] com

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