Bern the Vote & #StayInLine


This article was initially written by John Laurits on his blog.  I wanted to share it here because not all of my followers here are my followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Greetings, my sisters, brothers, & others — I’m sure that at least a few of you might be delighted to know that I shall be getting right to the point, this time –:

None of us are happy about the results that came out of Puerto Rico, yesterday.

The majority of polling stations being closed, the literal death-threats against Sanders’ supporters, the PR Democrats falsely accusing Sanders’ campaign of voter-suppression — indeed, it seems that there is very little to be happy about, after yesterday’s fiasco. Although the future is murky & things may change, for now it seems that Clinton swiped 36 delegates, leaving us with a mere 24. This brings us up to 1,526 pledged delegates & puts Clinton at 1,811. Here’s the after-math:

2,026 – 1,526 = 500

We’ll need 500 delegates to get the majority and, with 714 left to grab, that means…

500 ÷ 714 = 0.7002

That’s right — we’ll now need about 70% of the remaining pledged delegates to secure the majority. Now, that’s an uphill battle, my friends. As I’ve written about in other articles (like this one), we can still grab delegates at the state conventions throughout June — and it’s possible that any of the numerous lawsuits over voter suppression in Arizona, New York, Puerto Rico, & other places could still bear fruit before the national convention.

But we must not count on those things — remember, it is in our hands.

The Hour is Upon Us!

Berners! Sanderistas! My brothers, sisters, others — my friends —

No one said this would be easy — and, dammit, they were right! Often over these last months, I have wished for that fact to change — but the hour for wishing is passed & the hour for acting is upon us! Now, lend me your ear — there are a few things that you should all know… First:

No matter what — Stay! In! Line!

This is, perhaps, the most important thing to understand & I cannot stress it enough — stay in line! You will hear all kinds of things — from the media, from servants of the enemy — do not listen to them. Because all delegates are awarded proportionally, every vote counts — do not leave, no matter what they tell you and, if you should see others trying to leave, do your best to convince them to stay!

You should print this out to help explain to others why they should stay in line!
You should print this out to help explain to others why they should stay in line!

All of you — especially those of you in California — must be prepared for legal shenanigans & poll-station tomfoolery! 

Don’t wear any Bernie gear — no hats, shirts, signs, etc. because this could complicate things for you, legally.

Bring water! If you can, bring some for others who might have forgotten, too. Be prepared to wait for hours, if you have to — grassroots activists for Bernie are working as hard as they can against the voter-suppression tactics that we’ve already seen in the other states but you should be prepared for them, nonetheless. 

NPP (no-party-preference) voters, listen up — do not, I repeat, do not take a provisional ballot! If they tell you that they’ve “run out of ballots,” do not leave the line — immediately, call 415-795-8065 to report the problem and, if you have a smartphone, record your interaction with the poll-worker. Encourage others to stay in line, too — again, bring water & be prepared to wait for hours, if you must.

cali law
If you can, keep a copy of this one on your phone or in your pocket — it might come in handy…

Do not give up hope!

This is the most important thing — do not give up hope! Whatever happens tomorrow, the democratic nominee will be decided in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention. I will say more about that after tomorrow. There are many different forces at work, here — and, as Gandalf says to Frodo in the depths of Moria, “Even the very wise cannot see all ends…”

My friends, I do not know what will happen tomorrow. There are too many different factors for math to be of any use here — not my math & not anyone else’s!

Now — this may sound strange coming from “the math guy” but this has always been about so much more than probability & demographics. Our actions are all that matters now & time or destiny will have to decide what gets written in the history books.

Do not misunderstand me — many, many, many different things could happen tomorrow but I believe that you & I can make more of a difference than the pollsters & the voices of doom think is possible!

If we want it badly enough, this is what will happen:

We will look back on the Democratic Presidential Primaries, years from now — we will look back & our hearts will swell when we think of all that occurred — of what we did — on June 7th, 2016.

Many of us will remember how it almost, almost failed — how the forces of corruption & deceit had almost prevailed over the will of the people & how so many did not believe that we could win, told us that were fools for trying — but we will remember how we took heart & how we, the people, summoned all of our strength & all of our courage & all of our souls to stand up to the powers of greed & oppression. 

Many years from now, our descendants will read in their history books about how we stood up to the rich & the powerful who wanted to devour the earth, to pollute the air that we all breathe, to dirty the clean waters that we drink — they’ll read about how we stood in solidarity & mutual cooperation and about how we refused to give in, despite the media’s trickery, despite the party’s intimidation, & despite the rhetoric of hopelessness that was broadcast through the air around us!

When they read about all of that, they’ll learn something that we were never taught — they’ll learn that when the people are united together, they can never, never, never be defeated. 

The future will look back on the reforms that Bernie Sanders introduced, as the 45th president of the United States of America, as one of the major turning points in the history of the United States.

When you grow older, you will be able to tell them:

“I was there — I fought with the political revolution on June 7th, I marched with Bernie Sanders, & I marched in the streets of Philadelphia on July 25th.”

And people will ask you, “What did you do? How did you help? What was it like?”

What will you tell them? What will you say? What you will say, my friends, depends on what you do tomorrow —

Will you be one of the ones that makes calls to the voters tomorrow? Will you be one of the ones voting? Will you bring water & words of encouragement to those waiting at the polls?

And will I #SeeYouInPhilly?

I must away, now — there is so much to be done & written & so little time to do it. But please, make calls today & make calls tomorrow — especially in California & New Jersey! If there ever was a time for you to do something, that time is now.

I believe in you.

In solidarity,
John Laurits #SeeYouInPhilly

P.S. Please, SHARE the daylights out of this article — I feel that this is the most important article that I’ve written, yet… and, in case you’ve missed it,here’s the most recent article w/ all the June 7th numbers!

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