Update (6/1): Oregon Results


This article was initially written by John Laurits on his blog.  I wanted to share it here because not all of my followers here are my followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Greetings, my friends & my trolls! Today, it is Wednesday, June 1st — and, as promised, I have returned with freshly-baked results from the Oregon democratic presidential primary. If you didn’t catch the last three articles that I’d written on Oregon, you may find yourself wondering, “Wait, but didn’t Oregon vote on May 17th…?”

To which, I would respond, “Yes, indeed!” In a bizarre twist of fate, because the AP still (over two weeks later!) has not reported the updated results, the responsibility has fallen to me (a foolish, Oregonian poet) to report the results for them. I would like to note, however, that I have yet to receive so much as a thank-you note from the Associated Press for my services (I guess they’re too busy reporting on a moose that was spotted taking a stroll in Boston).

Anyway — the last time I wrote to you, I said that a good handful of counties had said that they’d update their results on June 1st. After combing through their websites today, I’ve uncovered plenty of votes that remain uncounted on the “news.” Since my last update (on 5/25), I’ve found an additional…

5,499 votes cast for Sanders & Clinton

Sanders took 3,758 of those votes, leaving Clinton with only 1,741! That means…

3,758 ÷ 5,499 = 0.6833

Sanders (as I’ve predicted) continues to take about 68% of the unreported votes. Now, adding them all to my updated total from the previous article…

Bernie Sanders 56.9% (352,340 votes) + 3,758
Hillary Clinton 43.1% (266,890 votes) + 1,741
Total Votes Cast: 619,230 + 5,499

We get the most-recent results, which are…

Bernie Sanders 57.0%  (356,098)  ←Right Number (Yay!)
Hillary Clinton  43.0% (268,631) ←Another Right Number
Total Votes Cast: 624,729              ←This is also Right

Now, compare those numbers to these ones:

The AP’s Silly Numbers
Bernie Sanders 56.0% (320, 746)←Incorrect Number
Hillary Clinton  43.0% (251,739) ← Stupid Number
Total Votes Cast: 572,485←Another Crappy Number

With these new votes, Sanders gains another 0.1%, arriving at 57%. Sanders’ margin from the numbers that I’ve uncovered today is 68.3%, which is consistent withmy previous calculations for his overall take of the later un-reported ballots and there is good reason to believe that we will gain even more ground by June 6th, which (I’m told, by the BoE) is the counties’ deadline to certify their results.

I’m still waiting on the results from the 3rd largest county, Clackamas — they were supposed to update their counts today but have failed to do so! However, I must away — I am working on another article about New Jersey (which I hope to have out, later!)…

In solidarity,
John Laurits #SeeYouInPhilly

P.S. If you haven’t already checked them out, here’s a link to my recent breakdown of the numbers in California & here’s a link to a recent “general overview” kinda article (but there’s lotsa super-important, new info there, too!)

P.P.S. Worry not — I shall do one more Oregon update, after June 6th (once those villains in Clackamas County update their numbers), with the full results!

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