Predicted Democratic Membership Aftershocks

DNC Blacklist

There are a great many people that changed their alignment to Democrat just so they could vote for Bernie Sanders. I am one of those people. I have always been an Independent that voted the issues and morals of the candidates, NEVER the party lines. Since the Republicans have accelerated their dissent into the crazy, not long after I came of age to vote, I have voted more along the Democratic / Progressive lines.
If the DNC really wanted to “unite” the Democratic Party with all of the new Democrats that Bernie Sanders has brought in, they would do everything in their power to make the caucuses / Primaries as fair and transparent as possible instead of rigging the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.
With Debbie Wasserman-Schults, Chairwoman of the DNC, rigging the system and the, already bought and paid for, Super Delegates, I predict that most of these new Democrats that Bernie Sanders has brought into the Democratic Party will return to whatever party they came from, most likely Independent.
I have given myself completely into the process, currently serving on 6 different committees regarding not only Bernie Sanders, but also ways to make the caucusing process easier and more appealing to everyone, one of the committees I am on has drafted a new law to this end. I am currently trying to acquire a position on the Central Committee so I can make an even greater difference in my community.
I have pretty much committed myself to staying in the Democratic Party because of the above. However, we are so far into the nomination process, I think the only way that the DNC could court all of the new Democratic Party Members would be either for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination or for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race and let Bernie Sanders have the nomination.
Even if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, I doubt that a majority of the new Democrats he has brought into to the party will stay due to all of the shenanigans that have already taken place. And Hillary Clinton dropping out will likely never happen because she believes that it is her turn to be President and she is pissed off that a Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders, has had the audacity to interrupt her coronation.
If Bernie Sanders is denied the nomination by shady, unfair means, the Democratic Party can expect to see a sharp drop in their membership.

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