Election 2016: Let’s Drop Acid and Have a Presidential Race

Acid Trip Trump.jpg

This article was initially written by William Rivers Pitt at Truthout | Op-Ed.  I was only given permission to share 3 paragraphs, since only the first 3 paragraphs are included in my article please read the full article here.  I wanted to share it here because not all of my followers here are my followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

When the bent roadshow that is this 2016 presidential election season kicked off months ago — comprised of 17 gremlins, a Republican Democrat and a democratic socialist from the woods all running for the prize like the ingredients for the worst fruitcake you’ve ever heard of — I said to myself, “Yeah, OK, get ready, because this one is going to be really, really weird.” I bought a helmet, a mouth guard, and installed four-point NASCAR-approved restraints in my office chair. I thought I was ready. Just another campaign season, right? Stomp the gas, let’s do this.

My safety precautions served me well through those ridiculous GOP debates, through primary and caucus and absurdity after absurdity, but none of it helped after I crashed into the Indiana primary. When Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Ted Cruz’s father of involvement in the John F. Kennedy assassination based on a “report” by the National Enquirer, my finely tuned race car hit the wall at speed, rolled over twelve times and burst into flames. I was thankfully thrown free and landed softly in a hedgerow, but a part of me will always be in that burning car wondering how in the blue hell I got there.

Here’s the funny part: Trump won Indiana by 17 points, and Ted Cruz dropped out. On planet Earth, where I thought I was until yesterday, accusing someone’s father of helping to assassinate a president would be grounds for immediate disqualification, not fodder for double-digit domination that all but seals the Republican nomination. Unless Godzilla rises from the sea and devours the North American continent, Donald fa-chrissakes Trump is going to win this thing in a rout. John Kasich got 8 percent of the vote in Indiana and literally went to bed. No statement, nothing. If Kasich kept up this anti-frenetic pace, you’d start seeing his face on milk cartons at the supermarket. “Have you seen me?” No. It’s over. He just dropped out.

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