Poll: Sanders leads Clinton by 8% in New York

The Political Analyzer

In this article I’ve added a lot more references just to confirm what I’ve already advanced in previous articles.


In this case, I’ve studied the five Boroughs of the Big Apple and six Counties (Albany, Erie, Monroe, Oneida, Onondaga, Suffolk) in the State of New York. I’ve worked on Demography, Ethnicity, Religion, Geography, Polls, Surveys, Archives, Databases, etc. I had to greatly simplify my job to make it understandable.

I’ve divided the 11 Counties and I’ve considered the groups that distinguish their population. Specifically, I’ve considered the presence of the White Community, the Hispanics, the African Americans, the Jewish, the Asian Americans, the Native Americans, and ‘Others’. I’ve obtained a first result: Sanders will earn 6 of 11 votes out of New York. I’ve divided the enrolled voters by ethnicity, age, genre, status. I’ve applied to each of them a different turnout.

In New York City I’ve assigned a different turnout…

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