We Shouldn’t Be Thinking “Bernie or Bust” Just Yet

We The People Are Pissed Off

I am continually hearing Bernie Sanders’ supporters saying that it is “Bernie or Bust”, meaning that if Bernie Sanders does not win the nomination they will either write him in, vote the green party option or not vote at all.

Rather than throwing around threats, get motivated. Talk to friends, family, strangers in the states that have yet to hold their primary / caucus. Educate people that are supporting the other candidates and switch their opinion so they will support Bernie Sanders. It can be done. My father changed the minds of a couple of voters in Missouri the night before the primary, one of them was even an extreme Donald Trump supporter.

The fight is far from over. Hillary Clinton may have more delegates right now, but her “southern firewall” has been used up. We are heading into the more liberal states now that are a lot more Bernie friendly than the previous states. There are still 2020 more pledged delegates to be assessed. Super delegates do not matter until we get to the National Convention when their locked in to who they are backing. Ignore the delegate counts that Mainstream Media (MSM) is shoving down the public’s throats, they are wrong.

In 2008, President Barack Obama was also down and looking likely to lose at this point in his campaign. Hillary Clinton had a large number of the super delegates then too. But after the dust had settled and all the primaries and caucuses were complete, many of the super delegates that Hillary Clinton had went to President Barack Obama.

The fight isn’t over yet. Instead of repeating “Bernie or Bust” sentiments, get involved, get others involved. Fight the fight so you don’t have to eat your words if Hillary Clinton should happen to get the nomination. There are a lot of people out there that say “Bernie or Bust”, but when it comes time to vote, they will fall in line, swallow their pride and vote for Hillary Clinton because the alternative (Trump or Cruz) area far worse option than Hillary Clinton.

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