Dispelling The Vacuous Arguments Of Hillary

Hillary What Difference Does It Make

This article was originally written by  on The Bern Report.  This article dispells a lot of Hillary Clinton’s arguments against Bernie Sanders.  I wanted to share it here because not all of my followers here are my followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

A brief explanation of why each of the arguments Hillary Clinton uses against Bernie Sanders falls on it face

There is no question that Bernie Sanders crushes Hillary Clinton on the issues. Indeed, most people want money out of politics. Same is the case with single payer health care, free universities and to cease fracking and participating in interventionist wars. In simple terms, Bernie Sanders stands for all of these. Hillary stands for the opposite.

Since Hillary cannot defend herself on the issues, she has chosen to use distractions and arguments which appeal to the ignorance and prejudice of today, in part by trying to paint him as a radical for having such « extreme » ideas. This is reminiscent of the arguments made by the groups that wanted to keep the various injustices in the past : child labor, slavery, denial of women’s rights to vote, segregation etc…

This article will show the complete lack of substance and logic behind the major arguments of Hillary’s campaign which, of course, have little or nothing to do with the issues.

1. 1. Argument – Hillary has spoken out against Wall Street and pharmaceuticals and says she will reign them in if elected president.

The Reality – It is foolhardy and extremely naive to even envisage that any politician could fight against the crucial interests very same organizations who are paying her millions of dollars to run. This is the case whether we are talking about Wall Street, the pharmaceuticals, fossil fuel companies, arms manufacturers, media corporations, insurance companies, or private prisons : all which have contributed generously to Hillary’s campaign.

1. 2. Argument – There is no problem with Hillary running for president while under criminal investigation

The Reality – In truth, running for presidency while under criminal investigation is illegal in every industrialized country which does not officially allow money in politics. The simple reason is due to the justified uncertainty regarding whether the candidate will be able to concentrate on their job amidst the investigation. In fact, even the USA has never elected as president a person under criminal investigation. And if Hillary is elected, it will be a new low.

1. 3. Argument – Bernie Sanders is a one issue candidate – getting money out of politics.

The Reality – It is easy to see the egregious falsity of this claim by simply looking at Bernie’s website online which discusses many issues : making universities free, eradicating private prisons, training police against police brutality, strongly decreasing interventionist wars, single payer health care … And even if it were true, it wouldn’t be so bad since there is a strong correlation between money in politics in a country and health care, income equality, crime rate, levels of education, gender equality and the national debt.

1. 4. Bernie Sanders is a socialist who wants the USA to become the same, just like in Denmark.

The Reality – First of all, Sanders is not a Socialist but a Social Democrat (very big difference).Same thing with Denmark. Second of all, he has never said or done anything whatsoever to even imply that he wants the USA to be just like Denmark. On the contrary, the policies he advocates are so far to the right in comparison with the political culture there that they would shock most Danish people. Take for example his 10 day mandatory vacation in comparison to the whopping 8 weeks in Denmark. He simply wants to learn from certain tactics countries like Denmark carry out better than in the USA.

1. 5. Some people who may be Bernie supporters have made sexist comments online

The Reality – Textbook definition of a distraction that has absolutely no importance and is in no way newsworthy. Indeed, when one has millions of supporters, there are all kinds. And the fact that Hillary and the corporate media have stooped down so low to publicize allegedly compromising quotes online of possible individual supporters who, on top of that, are in large part anonymous, confirms all the more their lack of substantive issues upon which they can attack.

1. 6. Bernie Sanders is lacking in experience

The Reality – Bernie Sanders has over 35 years of experience in politics, 16 of those years in congress and over 9 of those years in the senate, a slightly more impressive resume than that of Franklin D Roosevelt and John F Kennedy before they took office. And he certainly has more experience than Barack Obama did. And of the many criticisms directed at the three presidents mentioned above for their time in office, very few, if any, have been in relation to any lack of experience. What is more important is judgment. That is why we elected Bill Clinton over George Bush Sr. And, unlike Bernie, there is no example of any decision Hillary made which was against popular opinion but which turned out to be right.

1. 7. Bernie Sanders, if elected, won’t be able to get anything done because his ideas are too radical

The Reality – Another appeal to the ignorance of today. First of all, his ideas aren’t radical since they reflect in general what most of Americans want. Second of all, there are two factors which are much more important than ideas. One factor is the ability to reach out to the other side of the spectrum, which Bernie has done through speeches at places like Liberty University (where Hillary declined to go), obtaining 25% of the Republican vote in his state, being awarded the highest honor in 2015 from the right wing Veterans of Foreign Wars, having significantly more support among Republicans and Independents than Hillary etc… It is all the more telling that Hillary had the fourth-largest partisan difference of any senator, with a 50 percentage point difference in approval between New York’s Democrats and Republicans.

The other factor is the popularity of a candidate. Bernie Sanders wins here by a landslide not only by having the highest favorability rating out of any senator in the country, but also having a favorability rating of 60% which is higher than that of any presidential candidate. Compare that to Hillary’s favorability rating of 37%.

Finally, the proof is in the pudding: Hillary, during her time as a senator, only sponsored 3 bills and cosponsored 74 bills. This is dwarfed by Sanders’ achievements : 708 bills sponsored and 6218 bills cosponsored.

1. 8. Bernie Sanders is unelectable

The Reality – Another insult to intelligence. Bernie does much better than Hillary against all Republican candidates. And it must be reiterated that his favorability rating is 60%. You can’t get much more electable than that. Compare this to her favorability rating which is around 37%. You can’t get much more unelectable than that. And this is not to mention that Trump will expose a whole host of skeletons of Hillary if she is nominated. He can’t do the same to Bernie since Hillary, by going so low as to talk about a few anonymous people online, has already scraped the bottom of the barrel.

1. 9. The media is hard on Hillary because she is a woman

The Reality – Hillary and the corporate media tend to chalk up any criticism about her likeability and/or policies as being based on the fact that she is a woman who has “succeeded”.
Here, one merely has to stop and ask the simple but rhetoric question if there are many well known female politicians who have had the same type of criticisms regarding likeability that Hillary has : shrill, self-entitled, arrogant, calculated, irresponsible, flip-flopping, and fake.Indeed, it would be very difficult to find the same types of criticism thrown at successful female politicians anywhere from Elizabeth Warren to Nina Turner (who often speaks loudly by the way) to Carly Fiorina to Sarah Palin. Of course each one of them has received other types criticisms, just like all male politicians.

1. 10. It is important to elect Hillary Clinton because she represents female empowerment

The Reality – Two things wrong with that statement. First of all, it’s a very good thing that no industrialized country has ever elected any female or minority candidate who has played the race/gender card anywhere near to the extent Hillary has been doing. The reason is that it’s not only cowardly, divisive, unpresidential, and selfish (since it renders actual situations of sexism less credible). But most of all, it’s a sign of weakness, which is of course an antithesis to empowerment. Second of all, it would be another insult to female empowerment if the first female president were also the only politician who rode to power and name recognition on the coattails of her husband.

1. 11. The USA simply can’t afford free universities and single payer health care

The Reality – It is an insult to intelligence to even suggest that the country which has one of the highest GDP per capita among industrialized countries would be the only industrialized country which couldn’t afford a single payer system and free universities for it’s own citizens.

Conclusion – As much as Hillary’s campaign and the media (which greatly benefits from money in politics) give such arguments which have nothing to do with the major issues, it is clear thata vote for Hillary is purely and simply a vote for money in politics. Voting for Bernie is against it. And the sooner we get rid of this terrible injustice, the better we will be.

Indeed, it would be difficult to find anyone today who claims that child labor, slavery, the denial of women’s right to vote, segregation … ended too soon.

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