Bernie Is Not Finished Yet

Feel The Bern 3

A lot of Bernie Sanders supporters may be disheartened after last night’s primaries.  But, lets look at the results from last night.  Other than Florida, where it was expected that Bernie would lose to Hillary, Hillary didn’t really win by large margins.

March 15 Democratic Primary Resuults

This only puts Hillary in the lead by 312 points (1074 to 762).  While this may seem like a huge lead, it really isn’t.  Hillary has berned (pun intended) through her southern firewall but, we are starting in on the western states that overwhelmingly favor Bernie.  There are still 2020 pledged delegates in the upcoming primaries, 694 on June 7 alone.

The second Democratic presidential primary (Democratic Presidential Primary 2.0) runs from March 16 through June 7. Hillary Clinton’s “Southern Firewall” states are not included because they all will have already voted. It includes all of the Pacific states, and all of the “Mountain” states except Colorado and Nevada (which already voted). The biggest prizes are California (475 delegates), New York (247) and Pennsylvania (189).

Democratic Presidential Primary 2.0 elects a total of 2020 pledged delegates. If Bernie Sanders wins those races (and delegates) by the same 60-40 margin that he has amassed in primaries and caucuses outside the “Southern Firewall” to date, then that will give him an advantage of 404 pledged delegates. That is far more than the current Clinton margin of 312.

It’s not over yet my fellow Bernie Sanders supporters.  We are just getting started.  This race could very well come down to the wire.

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