Iowa Caucus


A lot of sites have said that Hillary was the clear winner with 49.9% to 49.6%.  While these number my be correct, I would at least say that it is a tie, if not a win.

Bernie Sanders started his candidacy he had single digit Iowa support.  Bernie’s final tally of the Iowa Caucuses were 49.6%.  For a candidate that started off so low, Bernie has come a long way.

This was the first time I have ever caucused and it was a great experience.  The first count for my precit was2 people undecided, 5 people for Martin O’Malley, 115 people for Hillary Clinton and 115 people for Bernie Sanders.  After everyone realigned, the final count was 116 people for Hillary Clinton and 121 people for Bernie Sanders.  All of the Martin O’Malley supporters and one of the undecided came to the Bernie Sanders supporters while only one undecided went to the Hillary Clinton supporters.

In my humble opinion, I believe that if Martin O’Malley had suspended his candidacy before the Iowa Caucuses, the six coin tosses that Hillary Clinton won wouldn’t have made any difference because Bernie would have won most of those supporter as well.

I am looknig forward to the New Hampshire Primaries.  Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton 63 / 30 according to University of Massachusetts-Lowell/7.  With a virtual tie, win in a lot of opinions, and a perceived win in New Hampshire and a perceived loss in South Carolina, it should be a very exciting Democratic Primary this year.

After seeing the turnout for Bernie Sanders first hand in Ankeny, Iowa and the virtual tie he received there, I am looking forward to the Primary events to come.

Show your support, as I have already, to Bernie Sanders here.


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