Sarah Palin. Hopefully, the death of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Sara Palin Endorses Donald Trump

Yesterday, a match made in hell came to fruition when the once relevant, almost Vice President of the United States of America, pinnacle of “Conservative Family Values” Sarah Palin endorsed racist, bigot Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.  I had hoped that we had seen the last of Sarah, but like a bad penny, she is back.  The only saving grace with her endorsing Donald Trump is that her endorsement could possibly, with any luck at all, destroy his campaign.

Just days before her endorsement, Senator Ted Cruz’s spokesman Rick Tyler warned Sarah Palin not to endorse Donald Trump, saying such an endorsement would “be a blow to Sarah Palin.”  Sarah’s daughter, Bristol Palin fired back a warning to Ted Cruz by blogging, “IT’S COMING AND YOU CAN BLAME YOURSELF FOR LOSING THE POWERFUL ENDORSEMENT OF THE QUEEN OF THE DEAD TEA PARTY!” and “After hearing what Cruz is now saying about my mom, in a negative knee-jerk reaction, makes me hope my mom does endorse Trump.”  Let’s not forget that Bristol Palin is the twice-pregnant-out-of-wedlock face of abstinence.

Move to Sarah Palin’s son, Track Palin, who last night got drunk, beat his girlfriend and then threatened to kill himself.  Track Palin has been charged with Assault in the 4th Degree – Recklessly Injure, Interfere with Report of DV Crime and Misc/Weapons 4 – Possess While Intox.

Great parenting there by Sarah Palin.  She has a daughter that has two out-of-wedlock children, a son that likes to get drunk, beat his girlfriend and threaten suicide and lets not forget about when the entire family got into a drunken street brawl back in September 2014.

What a great endorsement for Donald Trump.  It has been rumored that Donald Trump has offered Sarah Palin a place in his cabinet in the Department of Energy.  Let’s hope that this endorsement puts a tarnish on The Donald that trashes his campaign.

America rejected Sarah Palin back in 2008 when she was John McCain’s running mate, let’s reject her again.

One comment on “Sarah Palin. Hopefully, the death of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

  1. dfunkd says:

    And now Sarah Palin is trying to blame her son’s domestic violence arrest on President Barack Obama. After all everything is Obama’s fault.


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